Feroze Khan calls Yasir Nawaz out for his remarks about Alizeh Shah

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz were invited on Time Out hosted by Ahsan Khan on Express Entertainment. The celebrities talked about many different things, giving an insight into the famous couple’s life.

In a segment of the show, Nida revealed that Yasir did not ‘enjoy’ working with Alizeh Shah as their chemistry didn’t match. She further added that although her husband is usually good at building chemistry with all other actors and actresses, Shah was difficult to work with. Nawaz also told that he had many problems shooting for Mera Dil Mera Dushman which is why he wanted to reduce the number of ‘episodes’ the serial had.

Watch the interview here:

Nida and Yasir’s remarks caused outrage among many people including some celebrities who thought it was not okay to name an actress and talk about her like that. Among them, Feroze Khan was one too. Khan clearly called the two out for their comments and said that he has worked with the young actress and she is a great co-star. He further mentioned how Alizeh has no schooling, media handling from family and friends of the industry yet she has built herself and proved herself as a great actress. The actor believes that it is NOT okay for such well-grown artists to name and shame a young actor.

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