Feroze Khan takes a much-needed initiative to help women who are being black-mailed

We all are well-aware of how commonly women receive threats online. There are countless such cases that leave the victims and their families devastated.

Ibsham Fatima case

Recently, a video of an 18-year-old boy, named Ibsham Zahid, went viral where he was giving threats to a girl named Fatima. He was harassing her and constantly telling her that he will rape her and murder her family. This had been going on for many years now and Fatima claimed that despite registering an FIR against the boy, no action had been taken by the police.

Fatima told how the boy followed her around and had made her life a living hell. She finally spoke up for the greater good and we are glad she did. The internet was on fire over Fatima’s revelation and people demanded Ibsham be arrested. People are enraged over the audacity of the boy and the kind of threats he was giving to the girl.

After Fatima shared the screenshots and audios of Ibsham’s threatening messages, many celebrities took the case into notice as well. Among them, Feroze Khan took some responsibility and was not only loud on the issue but also decided to do something that will help women, who are manipulated by others, in the future as well.

Feroze Khan’s initiative to protect women

Feroze Khan made a public Instagram page with the name of ‘protectthemnow’ for this purpose. Women can directly reach out to him and the team if they are being harassed online or threatened. Feroze has promised that he will make sure the message is delivered to the concerned department and necessary actions are taken. He also gave a message to everyone to stay strong and not be afraid of such beasts.

Below is a link to the Instagram profile he made:

Here’s Feroze’s video message:

It is so refreshing and good to see high-profile celebrities like Feroze, who are doing all in their capacity to help these hopeless women. He is making sure that no one goes through what Fatima did. More power to him and as long as people like him are present in this world, all hope is not lost.

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