[VIDEO] Feroze Khan just revealed why he has returned to showbiz and people can’t take it!

Feroze Khan is a very well-known face in the Pakistan media industry. He announced to quit ‘showbiz’ due to ‘religious reasons’ earlier. However, recently in an interview with a media outlet, the actor said he would not quit the industry and shared the reason with the public.

According to Feroze, his ‘Sheikh’ Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Ali Sahab, the 10th descendant of Hazrat Haq Bahu, has ‘ordered’ him not to quit the industry. He further added that his Sheikh has told him it is essential for Feroze to be a part of showbiz to make something out of the industry. Feroze Khan also said that he is going through some excellent scripts, and he will also be working in production.

His response has set the internet on fire as the people simply can not understand his statement. People are of the opinion that he left showbiz for religious reasons and now he is only making up ‘lame’ things to cover his comeback.

Many believe that the actor shouldn’t have given any justification rather than using baseless and meaningless things to cover himself up.

Here’s what the people have to say:

He was also questioned about his divorce but Feroze chose not to speak about it at all.

Watch the full clip here (29:12)

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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