Did Feroze Khan reveal the reason for his divorce in a cryptic Instagram post?

2020 began with the news of Saira and Shahroz splitting and ended up with the news of Feroze Khan’s separation from Alizey, which took over the internet like a storm. Feroze and Alizey apparently looked like the happiest couple, which is why the news was a great shock for many. They also have a son named Sultan.

Feroze hasn’t addressed the news of his separation openly yet and neither has he turned down the rumors. So people are only guessing what the reason might be.

The actor recently uploaded a picture with a caption that made people doubt that he may have shared the reason for his separation from his wife.

Here’s the picture:

People obviously had questions about this caption, and they doubt he was throwing shade on his wife. After receiving backlash and questions, Feroze removed the caption and replaced it with a simple emoji. Khan and his sisters are yet to confirm the news about his separation.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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