Fatima Sohail shuts up haters in a cryptic Instagram post

Fatima Sohail, also known as Fatima Naqvi has been the talk of the town since she stood up against domestic violence which she faced from her ex-husband, Mohsin Abbas Haider. Fatima and Mohsin worked together in Dunya News’ program ‘Mazaaq Raat’ and got married back in 2015. She was blessed with a baby boy in 2019, which was also the year when she opened up about the emotional and physical abuse she had to face from her husband.

Fatima Sohail opened up

Fatima’s revelations set the internet on fire. She also told how Mohsin cheated on her with the TV actress Nazish Jahangir, and upon being confronted, beat her badly. She filed up for Khula back in September last year. People stood up for her support against such an inhumane act.

Fatima Sohail then started her acting career and entered into the world of the ‘Pakistani drama industry’.

Receiving backlash

However, on and off, Mohsin’s supporters have given her hate and the actress has been tolerating it until recently when she posted a picture which said, ‘’Tum Jalan barkarar rakhna, ham jalway barkarar rakhaingay’’.

She also had a bad-ass photo shoot, and added motivational quotes to the captions, further showing that the star is growing, and recovering.


Fatima Sohail looks absolutely stunning in all the pictures and she definitely is rising. More power to her.

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