PICTURES | Fatima Sohail continues to shine in her latest photos

Fatima Sohail’s latest pictures are all the positivity you need today.

The former anchor Fatima Sohail, has just recently stepped into the world of acting. She is appearing in dramas and is a new face for the entertainment industry.

However, people previously know her as Mohsin Abbas Haider’s ex-wife. She also exposed Mohsin, and spoke up against him. The courageous woman spoke up about the domestic abuse she faced in her marriage, and people bombarded her with messages of support and kindness. Many stood up for her, including celebrities, and called her brave for taking such a bold stand. Fatima has won over the hearts of many, and it seems like she’s finally ready for a new chapter of her life.

Here are her latest photos

Women like Fatima are an inspiration to millions across the globe. She is a living example that life doesn’t end with one failure, or that a failed marriage isn’t the end of the world. Fatima is teaching everyone it’s okay to open up, be vocal about your issues. And, to not be afraid to speak up against abuse and violence.

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