Fatima Hassan reveals why IPPA management didn’t allow her to attend the award show

Fatima Hassan reveals why she wasn’t allowed to be a part of IPPA awards. The model described everything in detail on her Instagram.

Model Fatima took to IG to reveal that she didn’t get permission to attend IPPA awards. According to the model, she was to host the show. Hassan shared that she even dressed up and went to the ceremony. However, the management told her that her dress was too revealing. This is why the model was stopped from shooting.

Fatima also shared her side of the story. According to her, she wasn’t given any guidelines for how to dress. She even mentioned showing her outfits to the team just to be safe.

In another Instagram story, the model was wearing a sweater over her dress. She assured her fans that she was fine. Moreover, she found a sweater which she turned into a shrug.

IPPA Awards

IPPA awards were held in Istanbul recently. The International Pakistan Prestige Awards sought to acknowledge Pakistani talent. So many celebrities were a part of the event. So many celebrities won big at the event. However, just like LSA and Hum Style Awards, this event was also criticized.

People are unhappy with how celebrities dressed up. Among the stars who were criticized was Hania Amir. The actress wore a pink, sleeveless outfit. Many people bashed Amir for not having a fashion sense.


Among the winners was Ahsan Khan. He was awarded the best anchor/host of the year award. The award was given to the Udaari actor for his show Time Out with Ahsan Khan. Moreover, actress Hira Mani was also awarded.

The two stars expressed gratitude on social media.

Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain, Zara Noor Abbas, and many more were a part of the ceremony.

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