Faryal Mehmood opens up about being ‘body-shamed’ by Sonya Hussyn

Actress Faryal Mehmood was recently invited to the show ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan.’ In one of the segments, Faryal opened up about her conflict with Sonya Hussyn.

Earlier in May 2021 when Sonya was a part of the same show, she told the host that she does not know who actor Faryal Mehmood is. Faryal recently gave in the details saying that she knows Sonya even when she doesn’t know her. She also revealed that the two have been together on set.

The Raqeeb Se actress opened up about how Hussyn made fun of her and body-shamed her. She also said that she called Saraab actress out for it but it became a ‘mess.’ She then proceeded to tell how she doesn’t know what issues Sonya has with her but it’s ‘professional jealousy’ and she likes it. She also said that she loves Sonya as she is an amazing actress.

Mehmood also told in the same segment that she once joked in a show that Hareem Farooq wouldn’t be able to fit in a car with her but it was on a lighter note. She said that she didn’t ‘fat-shame’ Farooq because she herself was overweight at that point but Hareem was really offended.

Watch the complete episode here:

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