‘You’re so ugly I think you should get hit by a bus,’ Faryal Mehmood replies to haters

Faryal Mehmood replies to haters

Many celebrities let the negative comments on their pictures and videos pass but actress Faryal Mehmood surely isn’t one of them. She is a great dancer and often uploads videos dancing to different songs.

Recently, the actress posted a dancing video on her Instagram. She danced her heart out in the video. However, the public wasn’t impressed. While the fans praised Faryal over her moves, many bashed her. The public told her to have some shame as she is a Muslim. Multiple also proceeded to tell her that all of this isn’t a part of the Pakistani culture.

Faryal Mehmood receives hate over her recent video.

The Raqeeb Se actress decided to clap back at the trolls by replying to people who had commented offensive things on the post. She tagged every person individually giving them all a shut-up call.

Faryal Mehmood replies to haters

Faryal Mehmood had earlier landed in hot waters after she confessed to fat-shaming Hareem Farooq in Time Out with Ahsan Khan. Although the actress said it was a joke, the public was absolutely enraged.

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