Fans troll Hiba Bukhari’s fake Pushto accent in recent drama

Hiba Bukhari has gained a lot of following for her exceptional acting skills. She is known to pull off roles with a lot of grace. Recently, the actress is set to showcase her talent in the new serial Mere Hamnasheen. Bukhari would be sharing screens with Ahsan Khan and Syed Jibran in the serial.

Although people are all hyped up about the storyline, which seems quite promising, they are criticizing the cast members playing Pashtoon.

The public believes that the ‘fake’ and ‘made up’ accent is going to kill the essence of the serial.

The story basically revolves around a unique plot in which traditional Pakhtoon families are shown. The families are against the education of women and the whole drama revolves around it.

The serial is shot in Swat. It is a project of 7th Sky Entertainment and is directed by Ali Faizan. Misbah Ali Syed is the writer of the drama serial.

The teasers are making rounds on the internet and people are intrigued by the storyline. However, a vast majority is trolling Hiba Bukhari for her made-up accent and voice in the drama.

Here is what the public has to say:

Fans troll Hiba Bukhari's fake Pushto accent in recent drama
Fans troll Hiba Bukhari's fake Pushto accent in recent drama

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