VIDEO: Falak Shabir singing a song LIVE and Sarah Khan ‘blushing’ was the cutest wedding moment for sure!

Falak Shabir sang and dedicated a song to his bride Sarah Khan, and it is simply beautiful. ?

Falak and Sarah’s wedding left everyone surprised. The news seemed to have taken over social media like wildfire and everyone is calling them the ‘best couple of 2020’. The couple looks absolutely perfect together.
Falak has been sharing some really cute pictures of Sarah on his social media and everyone is appreciating him for being ‘expressive’ towards his wife.

Recently, a video of the couple on their Nikkah ceremony has gone viral in which the singer, Falak, is singing a song for his wife. The video is circulating all over the internet and is actually very adorable. People are calling this the best performance of the singer because the words look like they come straight from his ‘heart’.

The public has a lot of compliments for the two and especially Falak Shabir for expressing his love through his magical voice to his bride. He, for sure, justifies the label of a ‘dream boy’ that fans are giving him.

⭐ Here’s the video for you to see ⭐

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