Faiza Hasan criticizes morning shows for promoting colorism and body-shaming

Faiza Hasan has been in the industry for a very long now, and she is well-known for her work. Recently, she appeared as ‘Gohar’ in the drama serial ‘Nand’. Since Gohar is an antagonist in the drama, Faiza was subject to a lot of criticism.

Faiza did in an interview a few days back, where she talked about how she chooses a script. She said she agrees to roles that are central or main in the story. She would go for a character around which the whole story revolves.

The actress also talked about society’s ‘messed up’ beauty standards. While discussing the topic, she especially threw some shade on ‘morning shows.’ She said morning shows play a pivotal role in creating ‘complex’ in society. Shows in which they constantly talk about skin lightening and fairing methods and what to do to get slim are all adding to why people feel insecure and bad about themselves.

She then linked this taboo towards drama serials, saying the same is done in serials where the directors give a lot of importance to ‘looks’. They don’t want to show the story of a ‘normal-looking person’. Instead of going for talent and acting skills, the industry thinks that it all comes down to good looks and slim body shapes. She further added that all the actors and actresses are obsessed with getting a fair skin and losing weight; meanwhile, the real purpose of actors, i.e., acting, is long lost.

We second with Faiza’s thoughts on the topic. Unlike many industries around the world where they prefer casting actors of all body types and colors, the Pakistani entertainment industry prefers starring actors which are fair and mostly zero-sized.

Here’s Faiza Hasan’s complete interview:

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