Eshal Fayyaz reveals breakfast routine and what keeps her fit on YouTube channel

Eshal Fayyaz is a model-turned-actress. She got a lot of fame after her serial ‘Abro’ in which she starred alongside Noor Hassan. She has starred in a number of dramas. She stepped into the ‘film world’ with her debut movie ‘Kaaf Kagna.’

Other than being an actress and model, Fayyaz is also a YouTuber and she shares insights of her daily routine with her viewers.

The model recently talked about what she eats in her breakfast everyday. She revealed that she eats Anda and Paratha in the morning. However, she’s cautious about her fitness and uses ‘whole wheat flour.’ The actress further told that she eats almost everything but she has divided her meals into small chunks. Moreover, she doesn’t eat more than 2 meals in a single day.

Eshal shared that she doesn’t eat anything after 7 pm. In the video, she showed how she cooks the meal too.

Watch the complete video here:

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