Pakistani Actors voice their support for Ertuğrul star Esra Bilgiç

Esra Bilgiç is a 27-year-old Turkish actress. She’s been known across the world for her work for a really long time. Recently, PTV aired one of her shows, called Ertugrul, dubbed in Urdu for Pakistanis to watch during the lockdown. It was to show our people that we can also watch shows related to Islamic history and still enjoy them.

But like most things, Pakistanis took it one step too far.

They took it upon themselves to insta-stalk the female lead Esra, and found a picture of her from March where she wasn’t wearing 200 yards of fabric like she does on the show. “How could she?” asked many Pakistani men over the internet, “How could she not be Halime?” “This isn’t the Halime I love!”

Well newsflash, Halime is just a character Esra plays in a show that’s set in prehistoric times. Why is it so surprising that a woman in the 21st century doesn’t dress like that?

But no, these men took it upon themselves to school her on how this isn’t how a Muslim woman behaves/dresses. While these same men, are on an unknown woman’s Instagram, gawking at her pictures long enough to scroll all the way back to March and beyond. #HellaMuslimStuffRightHere

esra instagram hate

After the screenshots of these comments went viral, many of our celebrities came forward to voice how this isn’t okay. Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan tweeted and asked Pakistanis to at least spare the cast that is literally from another country and has nothing to even do with Pakistan.

Actress Anoushey Ashraf also went to defend Esra on Instagram and apologized for the behaviour of her countrymen:

She also tweeted about it:

Guys, whoever is going to Esra and the rest of the cast of Ertugrul’s personal profiles and trying to teach them what “the real Islam is” need to stop. They don’t owe you or anyone anything. Their show, wasn’t even made for you. We took their show and dubbed it so our people could watch it. That’s literally it.

How hard is it to separate actors from their art? Not that hard really. Let’s spend our time in Ramzan bettering ourselves as Muslims, instead of going on the internet and preaching it to celebrities. It’s only going to make Pakistan look bad overall.

  • Baseer says:

    I have also made an apology comment on this picture, and want most of us do so. It’s her personal profile not a character in drama.

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