‘Enough is enough,’ Iffat Omar wants Imran Khan arrested

'Enough is enough,' Iffat Omar wants Imran Khan arrested

Actress and host Iffat Omar has taken to social media to once again express her hate for former Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Angan star believes that Khan should be arrested for instigating hate.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif arrived in Madinah recently for his three-day official visit to Saudi Arabia. However, the clip in which a crowd can be following the government delegation and raising the slogan ‘chorr chorr’ has taken over social media. While many are supporting the act, a vast majority are upset over it. It seems like actress Iffat Omar knows exactly who to blame.

In a recent social media post, Omar wrote, ‘Only Imran Khan is responsible for these disgusting acts.’ In another post, the host mentioned how such acts should stop. ‘Enough is enough. Imran Khan should be arrested for instigating hatred,’ she added.

'Enough is enough,' Iffat Omar wants Imran Khan arrested

Last year, Iffat Omar took to Twitter to lash out at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government and supporters. She expressed her frustration in a Tweet.

The actress criticized the PTI government over a headline recently. She questioned if there was a gaffe left to make at this point. She then called out the PTI supporters for having no logic. Iffat wrote, ‘In almost 50 years of my life I have not seen anything worse than #PTI supporter. No logic no debate just filth.’

Omar received massive backlash and hate for her Tweet. The actress announced in a Tweet afterward that she is ‘deactivating’ her account because she believes she needs a break.

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  • Mac says:

    In Pakistan it seems that everyone is good to accuse others without any evidence. This lady is exploiting her showbiz position to ask arrest of former PM, what evidence she has to prove that IK has asked people to protest against so called Sharifs. Pakistanis are doing horrible things every day so no surprise that they did even respect the one of holiest place for Muslims.

    • Mac says:

      A little correction: ….. no surprise they did NOT even respect one of the holiest place Muslims

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