Eman Suleman gets criticized for posting ‘bold photos’ with her husband

Eman Suleman is known for being bold and fearless. She previously garnered a lot of attention for breaking stereotypes and being an unordinary bride with her attire. However, some people cannot digest women like Eman and are always there to give their unsolicited opinion. Just like that, Eman has become the center of criticism and constant shaming due to her recent photos.

The criticism

Eman is currently on a vacation with her husband to Hunza valley and the actress shared her pictures from the trip. One of those pictures included her husband kissing her on the nose and the keyboard warriors are on fire. It is too much for their ‘integrity’ to tolerate. People filled the actress’s comments section with hate for being so open because apparently, kissing your husband is not a part of our culture.

Here is a glimpse of the hate Eman had to face for her picture;

Eman Suleman handled all the hate in the most elegant way possible, and so did her husband, Jameel. The two make a powerful couple together and share the most beautiful bond—more power to them.

What are your thoughts on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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