Dulhan dancing at her own wedding? Haw haye

The way our society works, weddings are considered the most important event in everyone’s lives. Parents start thinking of the perfect match for their children when they’re still babies, everyone speaks of weddings as if they were the only important event and nothing else would ever matter in the world. 

Traditionally, we have weddings where everyone has fun, it’s basically a three day party and people celebrate!

But, who isn’t allowed to celebrate? The bride herself. 

We’ve always seen grooms Bhangra at their entrance, get up to greet the guests, smile through the entire event – why shouldn’t he? It’s his wedding! But a bride doing the same things receive many many haws hayes (throw in some asftaghfirullahs for flair too) 

Our brides have always been expected to have a ghoonghat, be silent, eyes lowered, quiet and expressionless. They’re supposed to look like they’re terrified of this new phase of life – dulhan sharmeelee he achi lagti hai .

Trying to fake sharam-fy myself

Recently the trend has changed, brides no longer want to sit in one place and act like a mannequin, they want to smile, live, be happy and enjoy their events because it’s her wedding too.

Every week we see another video of a bride dancing on her wedding, be it a cute dance with her cousins, a dedication to the groom or something sweet for her parents – it creates outrage. 

Actual footage of all the elderly people at weddings

People find it indigestible that a bride can be so happy she’d want to dance around too, why are we like this? People like to bring the values of Islam into this, no one really lives their lives 100% according got the exact teachings of Islam but a lot of the times where we see preaching of religion and “values” it’s at posts of women not doing “traditional womanly things” a.k.a being a lifeless human. Why is it so hard to see a woman be happy and enjoy her own wedding? 

People go as far as to go up to the bride and tell her that she should smile less because she looks too “besharam” because somehow her being happy on her wedding day is “inappropriate”

Whether it is a celebrity bride, or just a regular bride, they all have to face the same comments by guests and trolls online. We have a culture of tearing people down, a happy bride, a happy mom, a happy single person – anyone. People will always find something wrong with the way you are to tell you your happiness is not okay.

I ask you this question, why is it okay for men to be happy and enjoy openly and not women. If it’s about Islam then shouldn’t it apply to both the parties? Why do we only see people hating on women? 

How can we put an end to behavior like this? Will we ever move towards a more tolerant society? 

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