‘Dressing does not define a person’s heart or mentality,’ Mathira

'Dressing does not define a person's heart or mentality,' Mathira

Mathira is known for being outspoken. She is among the most controversial celebrities in the industry. However, despite all the hate she receives at times, Mathira doesn’t fear expressing her opinion,

Recently, Mathira was spotted in an interview for a YouTube show. The model discussed multiple topics in the interview including her personal life. The host also talked about dressing and religion which is a topic she gets criticised for very frequently.

Mathira stated, ‘The only thing that I don’t show is my religion. I believe religion ad charity should be kept private because they are for the soul.’ She further said that people nowadays believe in the opposite.

Diving further into the topic, Mathira said that she is against the belief that if she doesn’t share a picture of the prayer mat, her prayers won’t be ‘accepted.’

‘Whatever I wear is a part of Duniyadaari. If I wear a short skirt, no one should have a problem with it because the skirt doesn’t define a person’s heart or mentality,’ she added.

‘You can’t bully, label someone,’ Mathira lashes out at Feroze Khan for calling Bilawal Bhutto ‘cartoon’

Previously, actress Mathira lashed out at Feroze. Khan The model is known to be blunt. She often calls out actors and expresses her opinion on right and wrong. She doesn’t shy away from talking about her views.

In an interview with CNN’s Becky Anderson, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman, Bilawal Bhutto, said that he didn’t intentionally step into politics. ‘I didn’t choose this life, it chose me,’ he stated. The interview made rounds on the internet and many social media users shared their views on it including celebrities. Khaani actor Feroze Khan reposted the young politician’s interview and mocked him. In the description, he wrote, ‘As I said. Cartoon network this guy.’

After Khan’s remarks, Mathira schooled him for his derogatory remarks. Mathira wrote, ‘Now that’s a really mean thing to say or to call someone a cartoon.’

She also called out the Khuda Aur Mohabbat actor for ‘bully labeling’ Bilawal. ‘You can not do that,’ she said.

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