‘Didn’t know the song comes from Pakistan,’ Kanika Kapoor denies Hadiqa’s plagiarism claims

Indian singer Kanika has addressed Hadiqa Kiani’s plagiarism claims. According to her, the song is ‘completely original.’

'Didn't know the song comes from Pakistan,' Kanika Kapoor denies Hadiqa's plagiarism claims

Singer Hadiqa Kiani called out Kanika Kapoor and Saregama Music for stealing her hit ‘Boohey Barian.’ The songwriter mentioned how nobody took permission from her or gave her credits for the song. This time, the singer has ‘sworn’ to take an action against parties claiming ‘illegal’ rights over her songs.

After Kiani’s post, Pakistanis were absolutely enraged. Recently, singer Kanika came out with a ‘clarification’ in an interview with a media outlet. According to Kapoor, she didn’t know any ‘such song’ existed and her song is completely original.

Kanika in the interview mentioned that she has always been a huge fan of music from Pakistan, Afghanistan, North of India, and Punjab. ‘I mean for me, we made an original song. Juneja Ji has written the song, Shruti has composed this song with Gourov Dasgupta, and have used a line of an old Punjabi folk song,’ the singer said.

According to the singer, it is not a ‘cover version’ but a completely new song. ‘If anyone listens to this and it’s just a little hook line, we used from an old Punjabi folk song which I have seen more than 60 versions on YouTube,’ she added. Kapoor also said that she didn’t even know the song came from Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Punjab.

‘None of us have any intention of stealing anybody’s work or not crediting anybody,’ she said further. Kanika also said that if anyone is claiming right over them, there is nothing she can do about it. ‘I had no intentions of upsetting anybody. I have a lot of love and respect for all fellow singers in Pakistan and I will continue to love their songs,’ she concluded.

The singer also urged people not to bring religion and country in the middle of a song. ‘Maybe sometimes you can deal with things with love than hatred,’ she said.

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