Deepika Padukone HAD THE MOST SAVAGE RESPONSE when a reporter asked her about pregnancy rumors!

Deepika Padukone has shut down her pregnancy rumors in the best way possible.

Deepika needs no introduction. Deepika and Ranvir Singh are the power couple of Bollywood and fans absolutely adore them.

The interview

The Bollywood queen was on a promotion spree for her upcoming film named ‘Chhapaak’. The movie has a lot of emotional sentiments attached to it and is based on a real-life acid attack victim Laxmi Agarwal, the role of whom, Deepika is playing.

The interviewer questioned the actress about the rumors flowing around about her pregnancy news and it seems like the question made Deepika uneasy and angry.

She aggressively replied, ‘Do I look pregnant?’. She also said in a sarcastic way that she will take permission from everyone and if she is allowed to have a family, then she will ‘plan’. Moreover, she said that if she becomes pregnant, everyone will see that in ‘nine months’.

It seems like Deepika’s pregnancy has been the ‘talk of the town’ ever since she got married. Some weeks back, Deepika put a picture of raw mango slices topped up with a lot of chili powder. She captioned it that ‘you are the best, better than all rest and better than anyone I ever met’.

People thought her ‘cravings’ indicated that she was expecting and made all the assumptions about her pregnancy in the comment section.

What it teaches us

In our opinion, Deepika’s reaction is absolutely justified. When a woman wants to give birth is completely her own choice, and it is very insensitive to interfere with that decision. When it comes to celebrities, people often forget that they have their own personal lives and sentiments. Asking them such intrusive questions just because they’re ‘famous’ is inconsiderate.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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