Dear Amna Ilyas, kicking people in the face is not funny!

Actress Amna Ilyas has found herself in the middle of another controversy, and this time, it seems quite serious than her previous ‘scandals’. Surely, the model-turned-actress thought this is funny, but the public thinks so otherwise and they are not wrong!

Ilyas shared a blooper video on her Instagram post for comic relief, captioned ‘Bullseye. Disclaimer: nobody was hurt in the making of this video and don’t try this at home’.

People called her out for her insensitivity and poor ‘sense of humor.’ In the video, instead of hitting the target, she hit the boy right on the ear. It seemed like he got hit quite a bit, and it definitely was not funny in the least. Other celebrities, like Aiman Muneeb, also thought it was ‘funny’.

The boy looked fairly young and seemed he was her house help. Twitter users also called out Ilyas for this incident, saying that she should not be laughing about hitting an innocent boy in the face, and fairly hard as well.

Here is what the people have to say:

She could have physically hurt him as well or caused an injury. It is definitely ignorant of Amna to do such a thing. She needs to re-think her actions, as violence or abuse is not at all a joke.

Watch the video here:

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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