So, what exactly IS going on between Dawood Ibrahim and Mehwish Hayat?

The rumors about Mehwish Hayat being in a relationship with Dawood Ibrahim are flying over the internet.
Dawood Ibrahim is the mastermind behind Mumbai blasts and is one of ‘India’s most-wanted’ terrorists.

So, what is going on?

According to multiple Indian news outlets, Dawood Ibrahim is currently residing in Karachi and dating Mehwish, one of the biggest names from Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry who was also given the highest civilian award.

The news also has it that the gangster is unhappy about his relationship with the actress being made public. Moreover, Mehwish is his biggest ‘weakness’.

Mehwish Hayat’s response

The actress has finally opened up about the rumors and simply said that she doesn’t need to ‘clarify’ anything. She says that the Indians have some ‘agenda’ behind it which she is very well aware of. Despite the rumors, Hayat said that she won’t ever stop speaking up for the injustices taking place in Kashmir and the hypocrisy in Bollywood.

She ended the post on a lighter note saying that if people want to associate her with someone, it better be with the Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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