‘Dania’s age is actually 15, I was kept in dark,’ Amir Liaquat

'Dania's age is actually 15, I was kept in dark,' Amir Liaquat

Amir Liaquat has been controversial ever since his second divorce from Tuba Anwar. The Alim Online host got married to an 18-year-old for the third time and received a lot of backlash for it.

Dania Shah and Liaquat made headlines. The two frequently shared pictures and videos together and got criticized for it. Previously, however, their divorce rumors were making rounds over the internet. The politician denied the rumors by putting up a video of his wife.

Recently, Dania herself has confirmed that she is filing for divorce after being married for only 4 months. According to Shah, she was emotionally and physically abused. She also revealed that her husband would lock her in the room and starve her.

Dania also said that the Amir we see on television is not the same man at home. ‘He would constantly pick fights with me. Moreover, he abused me to take out the anger of what the media and politicians had said about him,’ she added.

Shah also revealed that the host would threaten to kill her and her family members if she ever tries to leave him.

The news has taken over the internet and the public is enraged. Amir Liaquat on the other hand has responded to the allegations and completely denied them. He also posted a video of his wife from 2 days back in which she could be heard saying that they are not ‘divorcing.’ Amir stated in the post that he would be sharing evidence against her.

'Dania's age is actually 15, I was kept in dark,' Amir Liaquat

Other than this, Amir has said that Dania is not 18 but actually 15. He said that he was kept in dark during the time of Nikkah. Moreover, she is not from a Syed family and they also didn’t show him her real father. He also made some serious allegations against her family.

'Dania's age is actually 15, I was kept in dark,' Amir Liaquat
'Dania's age is actually 15, I was kept in dark,' Amir Liaquat

In her divorce, Dania has demanded a house, gold jewelry worth 400K, and a 2022 model car.

Previously, the controversial figure Amir Liaquat got a lot of backlash for his ‘cheap’ troll on ex-wife Tuba Anwar. While Tuba has not said a word about Liaquat after their divorce, it seems like the Alim Online host is still not over her.

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