4 celebrity pictures that stirred controversies in 2020!

It is that time of the year where we catch an overview of the previous whole year. 2020 is coming to an end, and it was a tough time for many.

Like every year, this time some celebrities made it to the ‘top book of controversies’, and well, we have gathered some of the celebrity pictures that set the internet on fire.

Hania Amir’s picture and video on Instagram

Hania Amir used a filter and posted a picture and a video in that filter where her face looked different from usual. What Hania didn’t know was the amount of controversy and criticism the picture would garner. People thought she got lip fillers and a facelift. Many gave her mean comments telling her she looked better before. When it all got out of hand, Hania clarified to everyone that it was just a ‘filter’ shutting the haters down.

Shahid Afridi’s picture of getting a facial from a woman

In 2016, the cricketer Shahid Afridi refused to shake hands with a girl visitor during the presentation ceremony. In 2020, while shooting for a commercial in Dubai, the cricketer was seen getting his facial done by a female make-up artist who was touching his face in the click. Afridi was immensely criticized, and people called him a hypocrite.

Maya Ali’s bridal photoshoot clicks for Ali Xeeshan

Maya Ali took a break when the pandemic was at its peak and came back with a bang because she was harshly trolled for looking like a ‘witch’ in the photoshoot she did for Ali Xeeshan.

People didn’t seem to like Maya’s overall look and attire, due to which the actress was made target of memes.

Minal Khan’s photoshoot with model Hasnain Lehri

The whole world may be practicing social distancing, but it looks like it is not a thing for the photoshoots. Minal and Hasnain’s photoshoot garnered a lot of criticism and sarcasm for being ‘too close’ in the shoot. People questioned their morals, ethics, and faith. Many said that they were only ‘Naam k musalmaan’.

Minal addressed the haters saying she feels there is nothing wrong with the shoot and that she is happy she did it.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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