PICTURES | Diriliş: Ertuğrul actress Burcu Kiratli looks gorgeous in her photoshoot with a Pakistani brand

Burcu Kiratli gained popularity in Pakistan after her role as Gokce Hatun in the famous Turkish series, Diriliş: Ertuğrul. She also won the ‘Best Actress of the Year’ award by the Ankara Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Burcu Kiratli’s Photoshoot

Recently, the actress did a photoshoot for Ali Xeeshan theatre in a stunning Pakistani bridal attire. She isn’t the first Turkish actress to be signed with a Pakistani brand, Esra has done it before too.

The model looks exquisite in the pictures, and the overall look compliments her in every way. Fans are in love with the photos, and everyone is stunned by how gorgeous she looks.

Here are some pictures from the shoot:

Since the trend has now been set, it is expected that more cast members of Ertuğrul will work with Pakistani brands. While some people are happy to see their favorite Turkish stars working in the country, many, especially celebrities of the Pakistani entertainment industry have mixed reactions and seem to be concerned. They think these brands are not embracing the talented people in their own country.

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