Will the ban on TikTok ACTUALLY eliminate ‘vulgarity’ from our society?

TikTok was one of the most famous apps in Pakistan. TikTokers were thriving and while many people had problems with it, countless enjoyed using it as well. We all know that previously, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) decided to ban TikTok on the basis of it promoting ‘vulgar content’. But here is a side of TikTok which we need to acknowledge before we support the ban.

Is the ban justified?

Many Pakistani TikTokers had followers in millions on the video-sharing platform. So, users worked super hard to earn the name and fame. On the other side, it was an application that was beneficial for not only the well-settled individuals but also the underprivileged people from ‘rural areas’ as well.

The videos on the app showed a different side of Pakistan, including the rural or undeveloped areas. People who didn’t have any prominent source of earning were able to through the app. It became a platform for these people who never got an opportunity to showcase their talent. Let’s not forget, TikTok was the biggest escape for people from their boring routines during quarantine and lockdown too. A bunch of Tiktokers were even nominated by the Governor of Punjab to raise awareness on COVID-19.

We cannot neglect the fact that ‘inappropriate videos’ did exist on the app, and many even broke protocols to make content. All of this ended up being a complete disaster, and the impacts were everlasting. However, let’s consider another thing: such cringe-worthy, immoral and vulgar content is present on other social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook as well but does anyone ever feel the need to ban them? NO.

While many are enjoying the downfall of TikTokers, we need to think about others as well. The problem wasn’t with the application; the real issue was the few people who came up with unnecessary content.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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