Azekah Daniel opens up about what it’s like being from a ‘religious minority’ in the industry

Azekah Daniel is a stunning actress who has gradually made her way into people’s hearts through her brilliant acting skills and personality. Her roles in serials such as Malal-e-yar, Cheekh, and Dunk have made her a household name. Azekah is also among the handful of Christian actresses that the industry has.

The Cheekh star recently appeared in an interview with FUCHSIA magazine where she was questioned about what it was like being from a ‘religious minority in the media industry. The star openly talked about the situation saying that although she doesn’t face discrimination, those who do have a problem with it make it obvious. She further added to the topic by telling on she does face some problems, in general, being a Christian in Pakistan however, it isn’t such a big issue because minorities all around the globe face similar issues. Azekah also told that since the industry itself is liberal, open discrimination does not exist. She also gave a lot of love to her fans for having her back and giving her immense love throughout her journey.

The actress also shed light on topics such as cyber bullying.

Watch the full interview here:

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