Ibn-e-Hawa: Aymen Saleem, Hira Mani’s new drama revolves around misogyny

Ibn-e-Hawa: Aymen Saleem, Hira Mani's new drama revolves around misogyny

Actors Shahzad Sheikh, Hira Mani, and Aymen Saleem are sharing screens in their upcoming drama. The drama revolves around misogyny.

The drama named Ibn-e-Hawa stars some of Pakistan’s leading actors. The writer of the serial, Saji Gul, talked to a reputed media outlet. Gul revealed that the drama revolves around the way a man’s mind is molded in a patriarchal system.

Moreover, the drama will also shed light on how a man sees women as deceivers. The drama also shows how men are taught that women are ‘inherently’ evil.

Talking about the name of the serial, he also stated facts. The purpose of naming it Ibn-e-Hawa was because the son of Adam is also the son of Eve. ‘He doesn’t descend from Adam only,’ the writer added.

Momina Duraid will be producing the drama and Ahmed Kamran will be directing it. The cast also includes Alif Allah Aur Insaan actress Sana Fakhar.

The drama will also mark Aymen Saleem’s comeback. The actress has done only one drama before this. The serial named Chupke Chupke got a lot of appreciation. People absolutely adored Saleem’s role and also her acting skills. She got a lot of fame after her debut drama.

Ibn-e-Hawa: Aymen Saleem, Hira Mani's new drama revolves around misogyny

The actress, however, previously announced that she won’t be doing acting anymore. This came as a disappointment to many of her fans. Saleem had said that she has immense respect for the industry. But she wants to follow a different path and hence, will discontinue acting. The public wanted to see more of her.

Aymen then recently announced that she will make a comeback to the screens. She also discussed why she quit in the first place. She revealed that she just wanted to take some time to re-consider things before coming back.

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