Ayeza Khan reveals that she turned down the role of Falak in ‘Laapata’

Ayeza Khan recently talked about the drama Laapata in an interview. She is playing the role of Geeti in the drama who is a TikToker.

The Raqs-e-Bismil star, Sarah Khan is also in one of the lead roles for the drama. She is doing the character of Falak, who is a sports enthusiast. The Mere Pass Tum Ho actress revealed that when director Khizer Idrees approached her for the drama, she was given an option to choose from among the two roles. However, after the success of her role in Chupke Chupke, Khan wanted to choose a role that was ‘lighthearted.’ She believed that she wanted to do a character that wasn’t always crying and rather chose something lively.

She also told how she felt she was made for the character of Geeti and so she insisted on doing it.

Ayeza has made rounds on the internet after she created a number of famous Bollywood looks for the role of Geeti.

Here’s the complete interview:

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