Ayeza Khan claps back at people criticizing her for wearing a matching face mask with her outfit

Ayeza Khan has been one of the top most talked about actresses in Pakistan all throughout the past year. Her role as “Mehwish” in the drama “Merey Pass Tum Ho” made an impact on the people of Pakistan so much that every week there would be hundreds of tweets and memes on the topic. People just couldn’t get enough of her. Ever since, Ayeza Khan has popped up on social media “news” every now and then – usually in a positive light.

Ever since the coronavirus COVID-19 was declared a pandemic life has become a lot more serious for all of us. In this seriousness, we’ve become very sensitive to the actions of other people. Isolation can do that to people. Most people take it out on their families around them and others save the anger for social media.

Usually, in the month of Ramzan, all actresses (and people in general) try to follow religion as properly as they can – regardless of how they spend the rest of the year. Ramzan has a special place in everyone’s hearts and we all go the extra mile to be better.

Actresses that are on TV in this Holy month tend to wear dupattas on their heads and all eastern clothing. They try to celebrate the month as best as they can. Usually, people find one way or another to criticize them for this too. Even though we should be happy if someone really steps it up, even if it’s just for Ramzan.

This week Ayeza Khan was a guest on a Ramzan Transmission. She wore an all Maroon Long Kameez and Trouser outfit, complete with a matching Dupatta and an unexpected matching facemask.

Ayeza uploaded photos of her outfit on Instagram. A lot of the people took it as her not taking the Pandemic seriously. They started criticizing her in the comments.


The criticism got so bad that Ayeza had to put up a seperate post explaining why the mask was part of the outfit.

It was not to poke fun at the Pandemic. Instead, it was to reinforce the message that an average healthy person does not need to hoard N95 or regular surgical masks. Regular people have bought so many medical-grade masks that there’s been a worldwide shortage of facemasks for frontline workers and people with pre-existing medical conditions that put them at high risk.

It’s been advised by health agencies all around the world to wear homemade facemasks instead. These don’t protect you as much as an N95 or a surgical mask but chances are that you won’t be as exposed to the virus as a frontline worker would, which makes the masks essential for them – not for regular people.

Ayeza finished her statement off by saying it doesn’t matter if her masks matches with her outfit or has embroidery or gems on it as long as it serves the purpose she’s wearing it for. She advises the people on social media to be more open-minded and act educated on the internet rather than looking for faults in every single thing.

Everyone’s trying to help out in their own way. Ayeza actually wearing a facemask and promoting the use of DIY masks actually does more good than harm. It’s important to think twice before writing a mean comment online. Think about what the persons’ intention might’ve been when they posted something, and if it bothers you too much, leave a comment voicing your opinion and ask questions in a nicer and more educated way, rather than being mean right away.

At the end of the day we come back to the age-old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all”

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