Here’s everything that went down between Ayeza Khan and Amna Ilyas

Well, Amna Ilyas has been in hot waters for a couple of days after her 2-year-old video clip went viral from the show ‘Tonite with HSY.’ People were bashing Amna, saying she’s a ‘hypocrite.’ But, she didn’t stay silent and tried to clarify things through videos and posts. However, it seems like drama is following Ilyas everywhere. First, the clip and now Ayeza’s and Amna’s fight has become the talk of the town.

Her recent clarification was unordinary since it included the element of sarcasm in it. In the video, she explained how she is no longer the person she was from 2 years back and has changed. If she made a mistake 2 years back, she isn’t the same person anymore. Ayeza also commented on the video and showed her support for the model. The actress advised the model to stay away from drama. Instead of taking it positively, Ilyas hit her with a ‘why did you unfollow me?’ remark, and well, we can tell that things definitely heated up.

Amna Ilyas has always promoted body positivity and has talked against colorism. She made a video where she criticized and bashed Ayeza Khan for promoting a fairness cream, and well, it was for all the right reasons. Although the actress didn’t react to the model, it seems like she did get offended and hence, unfollowed Ilyas.

People in the comments section have mixed sentiments. While many called Amna Ilyas immature for reacting this way, others praised Amna and criticized Ayeza for working in an ad for a whitening cream that might have cancer-causing elements.

Here are some of the comments:

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