Ayesha Omar responds to the comments accusing her of ‘promoting women to expose their bodies’

Pakistani celebrities often become the center of criticism for their dressing. Due to the reactionary nature of our society, they are accused of misleading the youth as well. However, not many celebrities respond to such negative comments despite the amount of impact the social media bullying may have on them.

However, Ayesha Omar is not one of those who stay silent! Recently, she received hateful comments for wearing clothes that are, according to the critiques, ‘too exposing’.

She recently uploaded a picture in the outfit she wore to the virtual ‘Lux Style Awards.’ The outfit turned out to be ‘too much’ for many, and people bombarded the star with hateful comments. One even accused her of promoting women to expose their ‘bodies’. The person further added that wearing such clothes is not women’s empowerment, to which the actress herself responded.

Omar shut down the troll, saying that she is not promoting or urging women to expose or ‘not to expose’ their bodies. She said that it is a woman’s choice to wear whatever she wants. She added that she posted the picture to rather promote the designer’s talent and hard work.

Ayesha also asked the person to look beyond her limbs, showing and rather focus on the hard work someone has put into the dress’s embellishments. Omar further defined what empowerment truly means by defining it in the reply as becoming more ‘stronger and confident’ in controlling one’s life and also ‘claiming’ one’s ‘rights’.

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  • Ms.Rodrigues says:

    Good reply. Our society needs to grow up.

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