‘My world was crumbling,’ Ayesha Omar opens up about a traumatic experience

Ayesha Omar is one of the biggest names in the industry. The Bulbulay actress recently took to Instagram to post a throwback picture along with a lengthy note.

Omar spoke her heart out in the note. The pictures that she posted were from her 2020’s Dubai trip. The actress wrote, ‘I remember this hour clearly, watching the sunset from my hotel-roon balcony in Dubai.’ Talking about what she was going through, Ayesha wrote that the same day (on which the pictures were taken) was extremely ‘traumatic’ for her. ‘One of my most traumatic times actually: my privacy had been breached big-time the day before and I felt my world was crumbling,’ she mentioned in the note.

‘My heart was heavy and my mind was a mess, while posing for these.’ She further wrote. Talking about how Instagram is not a reflection of reality, Ayesha wrote, ‘You can never tell what’s going on in someone’s head or life by what you see in a photo.’

Ending the post on a positive note, the actress said that she has a lot to be grateful for today. She then thanked her fans for giving her so much love during her highs and lows. She counts them as a ‘blessing.’

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