VIDEO | Ayesha Omar breaks down while talking about harassment

Ayesha Omar is one of the most popular names in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Many people adore her because, other than her acting skills, she has a strong personality that stands out. However, Ayesha Omar went through a lot to become the woman she is now.

In an interview with Waseem Badami, Ayesha Omar shared her inspiring story and how her mother worked extremely hard to support and educate them after her father passed away.

Ayesha also talked about how she faced harassment when she was new in the industry and teared up in the process. The actress didn’t disclose the name of the harasser as she had reasons not to do so. The culprit behind this was someone who was in a position of power, and all of it made her scared when it happened.

She was traumatized and didn’t speak a word about it since she was young and not as strong, It negatively impacted her. She was sorry to herself because she chose not to talk about it.

Ayesha believes that if she would’ve raised her voice at that time, she would’ve been a different person now. She hopes that if someone ever goes through such an experience, people would believe them and not blame them. Badami gave out a message to the victims of harassment, telling them how important it is to speak up.

Here’s Ayesha Omar’s complete interview:

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