Audience chants ex-wife, Sajal’s name to Ahad Raza Mir at Dubai Expo’20 [VIDEO]

Recently, Ahad Raza Mir was spotted at Dubai Expo 2020 amid divorce rumors with his ex-wife Sajal Aly. The crowd could be heard chatting Sajal’s name.

Audience chants ex-wife, Sajal's name to Ahad Raza Mir at Dubai Expo'20 [VIDEO]

Ahad and Sajal have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. The two were one of the most adored couples in the industry. Their divorce rumors made it to the internet after Mir was seen missing from Saboor Aly’s wedding. However, none of the two confirmed or denied the rumors until recently.

While many wished that the rumors were fake, it was confirmed Sajal and Ahad had actually parted ways. The news of Aly removing Ahad’s surname from her Instagram account left SaHad fans devastated. It was revealed that their divorce has been legalized.

The Ye Dil Mera actor was spotted at Dubai Expo 2020 recently. A video clip of Ahad from Expo’20 is making rounds on the internet. In the clip, the crowd can be heard chanting the name ‘Sajal, Sajal’ as Mir appears on the stage.

Ahad can be seen clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable with the situation. However, he chose to ignore it and gave a speech on the stage.

Watch the video here:

The video clip has taken over the internet by storm. Social media users have mixed reviews about the clip. Many think that the audience shouldn’t have done such a thing while others are pointing out how clearly embarrassed Ahad Raza Mir is.

Here is what the public has to say:

Audience chants ex-wife, Sajal's name to Ahad Raza Mir at Dubai Expo'20 [VIDEO]

While the couple’s divorce has made many fans sad, numerous people believe the two should be given space. Actor Azfar Rehman also took to Instagram stories where he wrote a thought-provoking message. Azfar urged the public to give the two some privacy and space. He mentioned how hurtful going through a divorce is already and so people their privacy should be respected.

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