WATCH | Atiqa Odho says she felt ‘uncomfortable’ in romantic scenes with Omair Rana

Atiqa Odho has shared the most ‘difficult part’ in shooting for her drama ‘Pyaar ke Sadkay’.

Atiqa played a very prominent role in the drama serial. She has been receiving a lot of compliments for playing the role of Mansora perfectly. Her character had a lot to add to the overall story and is a potent one.

Atiqa’s Interview

In an interview with FUCHSIA Magazine, Atiqa asked about the drama and what was the hardest scene she had to shoot. The actress said that she felt uncomfortable recording ‘romantic scenes with Omair Rana’.

She added to her statement that Omair has always been her friend. Shooting romantic scenes with actors like Sajjid Hassan and Noaman Ijaz was relatively easier because she had done many such scenes with them. Despite Omair himself being all-natural and comfortable, Atiqa felt really awkward since it was her first time shooting it with Omair.

What was Atiqa’s favorite thing about the drama?

Atiqa also shared her favorite part from the drama included working with Farooq Rind. She said that she was really concerned about people liking the character of Mansora, specifically after the hype had already been created. She even considered re-shooting. However, Farooq comforted her and told her that everything will be good.

Watch her full interview here:

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  • Ambreen says:

    Beautiful interview

  • Dr.Tariq Hussain says:

    She is getting too old . I watched her dramas when I was a teenager and living in an hostel .Great actress.She was much beautiful at that time . 80’s and 90’s

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