‘Asked me to sleep with his friends,’ Karisma Kapoor opens up about her toxic marriage

Karisma Kapoor is among the most successful actresses in the Bollywood industry to date. However, while her professional life was a huge success, she had her struggles in her personal life.

'Asked me to sleep with his friends,' Karisma Kapoor opens up about her toxic marriage

The actress in an interview opened up about her marital life and how it was not a bed of roses. She revealed how she struggled to get a hold of her life. The Biwi No.1 star told that after getting married to Sunjay Kapur, her life changed completely.

Kapoor had stated in an interview that Sunjay had auctioned her on their honeymoon night. Diving into the painful details of her past, Karisma had told that her ex-husband forced her to sleep with his friends. When she said that she won’t do it, she was brutally beaten and also put a price on by her ex-husband.

Sunjay had once claimed that Karisma married him only for the sake of ‘money.’ However, according to the actress, Sunjay was not complying with financial commitments.

Karisma had tied the knot with Sunjay Kapur back in 2003 after her breakup with Abhishek Bachchan. The actress had filed for divorce in 2011 and it wasn’t an easy one. During one of the court hearings, the actress had revealed her ex-husband’s behavior. She said that he used to ask his mother to beat Karisma.

'Asked me to sleep with his friends,' Karisma Kapoor opens up about her toxic marriage

According to the Bollywood star, Sunjay was living with another woman. She also said that his mother supported him through everything.

The two had legally battled to get legal custody of their kids. They were granted divorce in 2016 and Karisma was given full custody of the children. Sunjay was, however, granted occasional visits.

The actress’s father had said that he never wanted his daughter to marry Sunjay. He had revealed that he was against the marriage since day one. ‘We are Kapoors. We don’t need to run after anyone’s money,’ he added.

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