Asim Azhar FINALLY breaks silence on Hania Aamir, shares photo from his upcoming song

A few days back, Hania Aamir went live with the singer Aima Baig. Aima asked Hania different questions about herself and her career. The question of Hania and Asim came up, upon which she clarified that both of them are ‘great friends’ and nothing more than that.
This took over social media like a storm and people made fun of Asim for being ‘friend-zoned’ because everyone definitely thought the two were a couple.

After the video hit the internet, the singer started getting trolled and numerous memes were being made, which is why Hania had to talk about her bond with Asim. She gave a ‘shut-up call’ to all the people who were disrespecting their friendship through memes and trolls.

Asim Azhar also ‘opened-up’ about her. He put up a post recently about what Hania means to him and called their bond ‘beyond the label’. He wrote words of admiration for Hania and called her kind. Addressing the trolls, he said that people should stop taking so much interest in other’s lives and looking for ‘drama’ everywhere. He called such individuals ‘muhalle ki phupho’.

He also shared a picture of his first look from his single called, ‘soneya’ in the same post and explained how grateful he is for his fans who made ‘Tum Tum’ trend on No.1 on YouTube.

Here’s what he had to say:

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