Asim Azhar opens up about breakup with Hania Aamir in the latest interview

Asim Azhar has finally opened up about his breakup with Hania Amir in a live interview with Waqar Zaka.

Asim and Hania were one of the most popular couple of the industry for a long time. People loved the two together and the bond that they shared was utterly cute. Both of them were always supporting each other and always stood up for one another.

What went down?

Recently, when Hania Amir mentioned that she was single and Asim is just her friend, the social media was on fire. Memes were being made on the two and they were getting trolled.

The two spoke up about how they respect each other and are ‘bestfriends’ by putting up posts individually and shutting up the trolls for good. However, none of the two spoke up about their breakup for a long time, until now, when the singer decided to talk about everything in a live video chat.

Asim opens up

Upon being asked if Asim was single, he replied that he has been single for quite ‘some time’ now. The singer said that he and Hania took this decision very maturely. He further added that a break up is ‘normal’ and numerous people go through it but no one portrays it in such a ‘piquant way’.

Asim further added that he had deleted all the social media apps from his mobile phone so he could stay away from the hype and trolls. He concluded the topic by saying that staying away from the hype ‘helped him a lot’.

Watch his interview here:

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  • Tayyaba nona says:

    غضب پریم کی عجب کہانی ?

  • Sam says:

    He said ye itni personal cheez hai … Tu baat ye hai k jab ap apni har personal cheez social media pe post karo gay… Tu phir ye tu ho ga…..

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