Non-bailable arrest warrant issued against Ayesha Sana

Many people got to know about Ayesha Sana after her ‘bright karein isseh’ meltdown went viral on the internet.
She became a national troll, as memes and jokes started pouring in after that video made rounds on the internet.

The host has been issued a ‘non-bailable’ arrest warrant by a sessions court in Lahore.
The reports said that Sana had been booked initially in a cybercrime case involving her.

Additional Sessions Judge Syed Ali Abbas heard the case, and it turned out that this warrant was issued due to contempt of court, as Sana failed to appear in court.

A man named Yousuf Baig registered the case against the host. He accused Sana of defaming her family online.

Baig said that the host posted inappropriate photos of his wife and daughter on the internet. He claimed that the photos were of ‘private’ nature and brought disgrace upon his family. But, the host did not appear in court on the day of the hearing and an arrest warrant was issued.

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