Arooj Aftab performs at Coachella alongside a star-studded list

After her Grammy win, Arooj Aftab has added yet another feather to her cap. She is making her debut at the Coachella music festival.

The Brooklyn-based Pakistani singer became the first-ever Pakistani to play the prestigious festival. She delivered a powerful performance at the ground of Coachella. Her moving performance was a mixture of ancient Sufi traditions with folk, jazz along with minimalism.

For Arooj, there’s no concept of ‘language barrier’ anymore. The 37-years-old sees a revolution in popular music with artists sailing freely past borders.

Talking to AFP, Arooj said that the musicians are creating music and the audiences are listening to it with a lot of freedom in their minds. ‘Less border-border, less genre-genre,’ she added. ‘It is so free, open, and really really beautiful.’

According to Aftab, the surge of Latin music on US airways and especially on streaming platforms created an opening in the mind of listeners. She revealed that they now listen to music that they don’t understand. ‘And they love it. That’s a big step,’ she said further.

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