Armeena Rana Khan reveals how she deals with negative criticism

Armeena Khan often uses her social platforms to raise awareness about multiple issues. The Bin Roye actress is known to be very vocal on social media.

The actress was recently questioned about how she deals with negative criticism. She gave a detailed answer to the question by posting an extensive note on her Instagram story. She shed light on how important it is for one to know about the intentions people have towards them. Armeena wrote, ‘People disguise their motivations. Look at the person criticizing you. Are they coming at you from a place of helpfulness, kindness, or hate/jealousy/envy?”

She proceeded with telling how significant it is to learn the difference between hate and constructive criticism. She wrote about how there’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism. ‘There is a big difference between criticism and hate. Constructive criticism is beneficial because you can work on yourself provided that they give you solutions as well.’

Armeena believes that those hating on you actually project their own insecurities on you. ‘So middle-finger them. If it’s strangers, ignore it. They don’t know anything about you.’ She wrote giving a solution to those struggling with hate.

Adding into the topic of hate, Armeena wrote, ‘If it’s someone you know then ask them for solutions too. For example, I have people criticizing me day and night not knowing anything about me. They are just envious and want what I have without putting the hard work in.’

She advised her followers to identify their ‘well-wishers’ from the haters. She concluded wishing everyone good luck.

The actress was previously awarded the certificate of outstanding public service in the UK.

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