Armeena Khan talks about toxicity on social media, says it should be a safe space for the youth

Armeena Khan is one of Pakistan’s most famous actresses, known for her skills and looks, Khan made a prominent mark in the industry. She impressed everyone in the movie ‘Jaanan’, and the audience fell in love with her.

Recently, the actress has expressed how she feels about the ‘toxic’ environment on social media. In a recent post on Instagram, she wrote about social media platforms and their loose monitoring policies.

Khan said that social media should be a safe space for young people, especially little girls. This will help them get inspired, and also be an opportunity for them to learn. However, ‘trolls’ deny them this opportunity by poisoning platforms.

“Why should a misogynistic scumbag with mummy issues shut down a little girl from accessing freely available avenues? Social media companies are failing in their duty to modulate this incessant troll activity on their platforms”, she wrote.

The caption written by Armeena is an excerpt from an interview of hers for Eastern Eye, which will be released later this week.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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