Armeena Khan receives a certificate for ‘Outstanding Public Service’ in UK

Armeena Rana Khan is a celebrated actress of the industry who is a household name due to her acting skills. The actress has starred in movies such as Janaan, Sher Dil, Yalghaar, Bin Roye and numerous dramas as well.

The Bin Roye actress, Armeena Khan has been awarded by the mayor of Burnley, Wajid Khan who is a Bristish-Pakistani.

Armeena took to Twitter where she announced that she is humbled to receive the certificate. She also thanked the mayor. Khan’s husband, Fesl Khan, was also invited for the reason.

Although, the actress hasn’t shed light on the public services she has been awarded for, however, the couple has been seen actively involved in the promotion of the Palestinian cause in the United Kingdom. Recently, Khan shared on Instagram that they have hosted a vigil for Palestine in Manchester. Many people from different backgrounds were a part of the gathering and Armeena thanked those who took part in the protest.

Armeena Khan and her husband are making sure they use their voice to speak against Israel’s atrocities.

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