‘It’s not about sister rivalries,’ Areeba Habib’s upcoming drama is centered around dowry

Actress Areeba Habib recently talked about her upcoming project which sheds light on the societal issue of dowry. The drama is different from the typical stories as mentioned by Habib herself.

Areeba gave details about her upcoming drama ”Nehar” while talking to a reputed media outlet. The actress, who will be playing the character of Komal for the drama, shared a glimpse of her role.

The drama which is produced under MD productions and directed by Ali Hassan will air on Hum TV. Areeba Habib gave an insight into the storyline. ‘The drama focuses on the national issue of jahez and the rivalry it creates. It is a major topic in the drama,’ she said.

‘It is not about any sister rivalries; it’s about the pressure parents feel from the boy’s family when they are trying to marry their daughters off,’ she added. She further revealed that Saboor Aly will be playing her sister in the serial. Moreover, she believes viewers will love the story because it is different and tackles the issue of dowry which is not commonly seen.

According to a research, there are around 2,000 dowry-related deaths per year in Pakistan. It is one of the fundamental problems in the country.

Habib’s last drama, Jalan, got a lot of criticism for its storyline.

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