Areeba Habib has concerns with the way her character died in Jalan. What do you think?

Drama serial Jalan has been under heavy criticism ever since it started airing. People have a problem with the overall storyline and PEMRA even banned it once, however, the ban was lifted and the serial continued to air. It gained a lot of fame mainly because people are curious to know what will happen.

Areeba’s concerns

With all the popularity that it gained, it seems like some of the drama’s sensible cast members are not ‘okay’ with their characters. Areeba Habib, who is playing the role of Meenu, expressed that she was bothered by how her character was shown to be a weak one and ended up dying a disturbing death.

Meenu plays the character of an innocent sister’s, whose husband cheats on her with her own sister and ends up marrying her. Areeba was specifically not happy with her own character and the message that it depicted to the audience. A fragile girl who ends up taking her own life by burning herself when her husband leaves her? even Areeba couldn’t digest it.

The actress recently expressed how she agrees with some of the critiques. She believes that Meenu’s end should’ve been somewhat better, and we second her. The only characters that deserved such a cruel conclusion were Asfandyar and Nisha.

One might question why Areeba agreed to do the role, and well, the actress answered this question herself too. She explained how she has just stepped into the world of acting. Despite her protesting for days in front of the director about her character, it didn’t help. Habib clarified how actors don’t have much authority to decide how their characters will end up. She still believes that she should’ve questioned the director for weeks about her role, especially after all the criticism.

Areeba Habib still took all the criticism seriously and as a lesson. She believes she will not repeat the mistake twice and be loud and vocal about her characters the next time.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Zafar Iqbal says:

    Nice character and very good role playing Areeba

  • Quratulain siddiqui says:

    Lol baji my question is why you accepted this kind of role ????you don’t know about the end of the character???
    I’ve heard rumors about this drama that its a true story and its you’re directors responsibility to explain you’re character to you before you accepte did he not???????
    You got fame from this character people start loving you and hate the other one means you’re more popular then her then why are you complaining about you’re role after it ended up!

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