‘So many plays even I can’t watch,’ Anwar Maqsood talks about low-quality dramas

'So many plays even I can't watch,' Anwar Maqsood talks about low-quality dramas

Famous scriptwriter, Anwar Maqsood talked about the declining quality of dramas. He revealed that he has stopped watching local dramas.

The veteran artist recently opened up about his disappointment in Pakistani dramas. In an interview, he discussed that ‘ratings’ have absolutely ruined media freedom. He also told that he doesn’t watch dramas much because of how low their quality is. He believes that people are only concerned about the ratings and not about good content. ‘The more shamelessness, pointless sentences, and disrespect, the higher the rating,’ he added. According to Anwar, people have no interest in producing good quality serials.

‘Urdu literature doesn’t really have drama. We have few, but strictly speaking, we can’t call them drama either,’ he added. He mentioned some names like Agha Hashar, Anarkali by Taj Sahab, and Khawaja Sahab’s drama serials. ‘But these dramas are such that if you’re watching them, on stage or on television, you enjoy them. But they don’t have a place in the library,’ he said.

He also discussed the role gadgets are playing. Anwar said that people aren’t interested in buying books because they want everything from one device.

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