Anoushay Ashraf raises awareness about animal rights on the occasion of Eid-ul-adha

Anoushey Ashraf has always encouraged kindness towards animals and she has an important message for the public on this Eid too. The actress took to Instagram to make a request to her followers to treat their sacrificial animals with care and love.

Anoushey wrote in the caption of a picture she posted, ‘make sure it is sacrifice, not slaughter and it takes place in the most humane way possible.’ She then went on urging the public to be careful, ‘don’t make the children run the blade on the animal, please. The qasai should be a thorough professional if the animal experiences discomfort, pain, and severe distress, you’re doing it wrong.’

The VJ asked people to make sure the knives are sharp so the animal doesn’t experience the pain of any sort. She also advised people not to make videos and pictures of the process because the ‘occasion is not a show.’

She then gave a very important message to the readers in which she highlighted the actual essence of sacrifice. She mentioned Imam Ali’s saying: ‘Do not make your stomach a graveyard for animals.’ She asked the public not to store meat for themselves and to distribute the ‘best of it first.’

Anoushey Ashraf has surely given a much-needed message to the public for this Eid-ul-adha and we believe every individual should take everything the actress said into consideration.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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