WATCH | Another showbiz personality accuses Javeria Saud and Co, says they ‘called and threatened her’

A few days back, senior artist Salma Zafar accused JJS production house, owned by Javeria and Saud, for not paying her and many other actors who have worked for them. Salma said that JJS owes her about 1 crore rupees.

After Salma’s statement, Sherry Shah also came forward to speak up about JJS defrauding her. Many bloggers spoke against the production house, and in support for these artists who didn’t get paid as a return of their hard work.

Hasan Khan also claimed money from JJS productions

Anny Khan spoke up about the threats

Anny Khan, a show host, and producer at ARY Digital, B4U Music, and others, was one of those celebrities who stood up against Javeria and Saud for what they have been accused of. She is currently living in New Jersey.

Anny then shared in a live video how Saud’s brother who is based in America, has threatened and ‘character assassinated’ her. The producer said that she isn’t afraid of anyone which is why she publicly opened up about the threats.
People are asking now Anny Khan to take a legal action for the threats and file a case.

Watch her live:

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