‘Actresses are not prostitutes,’ Amna Kareim publicly calls out harasser

'Actresses are not prostitutes,' Amna Kareim publicly calls out harasser

Many actresses have opened up about facing harassment in multiple ways. This time, it is actress Amna Kareim who shared that an unknown man has been constantly calling and texting her.

Kareim took to Instagram where she posted screenshots of a chat. The anonymous man messaging her had offered her to meet at Pearl Continental hotel.

The man, whose name is Danish, had been calling the actress continuously from 2 different numbers. Amna posted a detailed note on how the man had been verbally harassing and bothering her. She also revealed that she has lodged a complaint to FIA. She requested the public to report as well.

‘I already did complain by myself but we all should expose such things to save our ladies,’ she wrote. She also mentioned that if she gets such a message in the future, she would take strict action. Amna also exposed the two numbers from which she was getting the messages. ‘We are actresses, not prostitutes,’ she further wrote.

'Actresses are not prostitutes,' Amna Kareim publicly calls out harasser

Earlier, actress Mariyam Nafees had also taken to social media to share a similar experience. Posting screenshots, Nafees said that she wanted to ‘stop’ this. She also mentioned how she and her co-actresses respectfully work for hours and hence, won’t tolerate this mentality.

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